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15 August 2010 @ 22:24
I am totally loving Katy Perry right now, not only is she gorgeous but her music rocks! Her collaboration with Snoop was fantastic but I heard her new track, Teenage Dream today and it's soooo good. check out her new video and trust me it's very saucy, I think Brand should be worried!!! 

Keep on rocking KP. x
17 January 2010 @ 00:53
Wow what a wicked start to the season, GLEE, the new US sensation about a bunch of outsiders mixed with music, dance and just pure pleasure.  

Can't wait for the next episode on Monday, my eyes are glued and well I just can't get enough! 
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01 September 2009 @ 22:36
So I went back to work today and boy oh boy did the day go extra slow!  I mean i thought i had been there for hours until i gazed at the little clock on my computer and saw it hadn't even reached 11am.

I t was nice to be back and see my mates but working, well I just hate it and worst of all, I had to do the monthly payroll sheets which might I add is fiddly.  Calculations galore and every time i thought I got it right, I had to make another change. blahh blahh blahh.  

What was positive about my day???? to be honest coming home and having a beautiful Mac D's to munch on.    

Ok, don't want to bore you to much so I am gonna go and sit in bed and watch the bodyguard, (even thought i watched it the other night)
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31 August 2009 @ 01:53
OMG, I haven't blogged in like ages, What's going on with that?  Ok well let me vent a little whilst I am in the mood. 

I have the house for 2 weeks now, as my mum took to the sky today and is now in Cyprus and now I am alone with the exception of my little sister but she's at her boyfriends and will probably spend most of her time there and so the lonely 2 weeks draw upon me and the worst thing is, I am back to work on Tuesday after my restful two weeks off, lazing around and getting fat. 

Boo Who let the boring two weeks commence - I am really a happy person but going back to work is just depressing and not only that but I hate it so much.  I suppose I should really complain as lots of people don't actually have jobs, However I do several jobs and do I get appreciated for it? Maybe but I don't know it as of yet.  When i ask for my rise in wages then we will see how much they really appreciate all my hard work. 

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05 January 2009 @ 00:24
Happy New Year everyone.

Well my first and very overdue blog of the year.  I need to make more time for posting stuff but I am trying to concentrate on creating my new website art-studio.org.uk (don't bother trying to look at it, as not up and running) I have finally figured out how to add the close and loading sign to an application called lightbox which I am using for scans etc and have finally purchased paint shop pro, which hopefully arrives sometime this week.

I have decided that I need to finally learn how to create layouts and other major stuff too for website building and I must say I am looking forward to designing and playing around with stuff, so 'bring it on!'

Not made a resolution this year. We never stick to them so whats the point? I am going to be more involved in stuff and not always say 'na, can't be bothered today' but 'hey lets do this' and 'well it's worth a try' In a way it's kinda of a resolution but I don't wanna call it that.

Jam packed this January, which rarely happens to me to be quite honest! besides working Monday through to Friday, I am fully scheduled weekends and very last weekend I am in Disneyland Paris (been 4 times, I think already, but I love it!) Got me Mickey Mouse jumper at the ready and well I am very excited. I think it's nice to have a short break in January as it breaks down the rest of the year a little.

I promise to be back again soon, but for now, I am going to turn into my bed and nap. sweet dreams and happy 2009. x
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15 February 2008 @ 16:51
You know it seems like I have not stopped and knowing me I probably haven't, lol. I have been updating like forever, I have been on here for at least 6 hours so far and there is so much to do. atm the links page is playing me up and doesn't want to ecept anymore of my links that I need to put in, how fustrating!.

Well this morning I got out of bed and painted this stupid little piece of wood in our toilet becuase by accident I broke the toilet roll holder a couple of weeks ago when I was slightly drunk and now it just looks crapy so we took off the holder and I decided to paint it white this morning. hopefully my mum can fix it becuase it just looks like a piece of crap stuck to the wall.

Ok well I have some family coming up to London tomorrow becuase we are all going out to Tiger Tiger which is a club in London's west end in celevration of my 21st birthday which was on Tuesday, so we are off to party until the early hours. there is sure to be a blog on Sunday I just don't know what time it will be yet. 

Back to work on Monday which is annoying becuase I have just spent the week relaxing and it went pretty fast but hey at least I won't be going out shopping everyday and spending money like I am drinking water. I mean I have spent a packet on stuff I just don't really need this week. omg

I could go on but I won't. bye
14 February 2008 @ 22:03

Happy Valentines day. love is a mystery to me but I have posted this special valentine quote. If you have any funny valentines stories that you want to share let me know.

Love is not written on paper, it is scribbled on a heart and there it shall remain forever. 14.02.08 

if you live in London and you know selfridges this is where is came from, they have like little postcards hanging around the store with these words on so I thought I would share it with you all.

have you seen the limited edition Marmite jars with 'I love you' written on them and to top it off the marmire contains champagne. now you have heard of the saying you 'either love it or you hate it' well I like it but I am not to struck on champers. so what you going to do if you like champange but not Marmite. what a pickle.

anyway Happy V day. xx

14 February 2008 @ 00:28

Hi, welcome to emergency-shock the personal blog and contact website of Miss Katrina Frost. Ok well this site is for my daily blogging moments and obvioulsy a place where you can comment my main website or if you wish you can comment on the daily blog (if there is one of course) I will try to blog daily if I have time but it may turn out to be one of those one a week jobs but hopefully I want to share my moments with you guys, So I will do my best.

So Emergency-Shock was created by me and is a clean and simple layout which was inspired by another livejournal member. I have done my best to make it original as possible but you will probably find many other sites which look the same. The original layout was by a very talented who you can find here
http://latenightcat5.createblog.com/layouts/ and from my inspired idea I changed a considerable amount of coding to create my final layout.

Ok well I celebrated my 21st birthday on Tuesday and this Saturday I am celebrating in style as me and some friends and family are going to Tiger Tiger in the West End. It shuts at 3am so I am preparing to be very tired Sunday morning with a little hang over maybe! I have the outfit and I am ready to party until dawn.

This week in aid of Fashion week I have featured a special userpic which I think it very appropirate seeing as none of these models eat anyway. I have rcentley been watching Coleens Real Women on ITV1 Thursday nights at 9pm, It so real and what she has done is so clever and for a change why shouldn't non models have the chance to promote brands for real women. she is an icon and herself a real women, she is not fake (I believe she is not) and has given women a chance to be who they are and not what other peoples perceptions are. Go Coleen!

Okey Dokey well I am finished for this evenings blog, sweet dreams everyone.